Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What are other golf manufacturers going to come up?

Over the years, we watch thousands of advertisements and because of numerous let downs we sometimes tend to disbelieve the majority of advertising claims. However, one true fact about this new driver is Jason Day hit a drive 360 yards using this new driver when he shot his round of 61 at the BMW.
But many of us find peace in know we're not going to hit a 300 yard drive even if we're downwind during a hurricane. We might spend big money for the M1 but we all know that unless you've got a lot of golf talent, it's not going to give you the excitement or satisfaction the advertising implies. Also, what are the other manufacturers going to be coming out with to compete with this amazing driver? There should be some exciting new drivers coming out in the market this year.
Many of us feel we don't have to hit the drive of our life - we just want to hit it straight and we're not ashamed if our drive is the shortest. It's the score that matters and there's no pictures on scorecards.

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